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by MarkB
Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:41 pm
Forum: STM8
Topic: Introducing Sduino for the STM8
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Re: Introducing Sduino for the STM8

any one figured out more than the above? which seem to suggest debug for stm8s is probably hitting a wall with open sourced tools. Having fallen deep down the eForth rabbit hole, I haven't got around to trying it out, but there is an STM8 into GDB project here since earlier this year: https://sourc...
by MarkB
Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:20 pm
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Power LED questions
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Re: Power LED questions

How about my thought about just taking flush cutters and cutting the LED in half? That shouldn't lead to any problems? (I've done it in the past with a Digispark LED, but some time later the Digispark blew. Presumably unrelated.) This would put a large mechanical load on the printed circuit traces,...
by MarkB
Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:47 pm
Forum: STM8
Topic: STM8 Core
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Re: STM8 Core

I've been playing with STM8 a bit over the past year and thought I might add a few observations. 1) I wouldn't call STM8 "obsolete" as it's one of the newest 8-bit microcontroller families on the market. It also seems to be very widely used. 2) Peripheral set is very similar to the STM32 line. This ...