Arduino TFT libraries compatibility

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Re: Arduino TFT libraries compatibility

Post by ChrisMicro » Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:46 pm

Then I remembered, and dropped the idea.
Yes, it is always a problem with standards. But despite of this yoke, standards do exist.

One type or standard is the standard designed from people sitting around a green table:
all fantasies are included and every one has problems implementing it over the next ten years.

Other standards evolve during time: Their sheer number will lead to declaring it at some point as standard.

From a point of Arduino-view I would say: close to a standard is Adafruit-GFX and its drawing functions and probably the best way to adapt written software is to write small classes which David calls "glue" and I call "wrapper".
Efficiency might be a problem.

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Re: Arduino TFT libraries compatibility

Post by david.prentice » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:46 pm

C++ Compilers are pretty clever. I would not worry too much about efficiency. It is seldom noticeable.

Templates and inheritance works slightly differently.

I have got to a stage where MCUFRIEND_kbv has so many initialisation sequences that it is significant on a Uno.
Which means that the "less common" controllers are conditionally supported. So you no longer have the situation where "anything" will plug and go.

Olikraus has a better system with u8glib. But you have to know exactly what hardware you have before you write the constructor.

Hey-ho. At least STM32 has more Flash to play around with.

I do think that it would be wise for Libraries to run on different platforms. i.e. make it painless for a Mega or Due program to work out of the box on STM32. Ok, you will always have a lowest common denominator but no one minds if an extra "bell or whistle" needs the bigger Flash or faster CPU. Just as long as the basics work.


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Re: Arduino TFT libraries compatibility

Post by danieleff » Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:01 pm

I got to make your library work on my F411, but I had to #define STM32L476xx and ARDUINO_NUCLEO_L476RG in top of mcufriend_shield.h.

It will be a pain if every nucleo board needs to be spelled out one by one. (plus had to add one more WR_ACTIVE; to WRITE_DELAY to not have corrupt screen. what joy)

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