Added Support for Hy-Tiny STM32F103TB

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Added Support for Hy-Tiny STM32F103TB

Post by RogerClark » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:03 am


Support for the Hy-Tiny STM32F103T has now been added.


The board seems to be available from several sources ... fsb&ia=web

This includes a bootloader version for this board and also a new variant (board selection)

If I get time I'll add it to the Wiki.

Its probably not the best value board you can buy, as its about the same price as a Maple mini but has less pins available.

But its the shortest STM32F103 board I have seen so far, and it does have proper USB reset hardware (similar to the Maple mini) and seems to have a connector for a small display.
It also has a guaranteed 128k Flash.

I know most Blue Pill boards generally have 128k Flash, as most STM32F103C8's have 128k, but its not guaranteed, its just that STM's production yields are good ;-)

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