Hosting currently running slow

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Rick Kimball
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Re: Hosting currently running slow

Post by Rick Kimball » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:34 pm

Speed has felt OK here (USA NC) . I've not felt like it was slow. I'm amazed anything in Houston would be up and running. Looking at their site it states their data center is on high ground safe for a 500 year flood. They must have got lucky. All the news reports here are talking about an 800 year flood.

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Re: Hosting currently running slow

Post by sheepdoll » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:19 pm

I have noticed a bit of sluggishness in the loading of some sites.

As I have a cousin on the Richmond/Huston boarder I was following the local Tx live streams on you tube. Leaving them on all day. It could also be that the ISP is load balancing (ie: throttling) users who use a lot of bandwidth. They claim there is net neutrality, although I think they can do what ever they want ...

As for backups. My first job while still in school was backing up the school's computer to 9 track tape. When the computer was upgraded. I wrote a program that could read the old backups on the new system. I managed to save the program that read the data. I kept the 9 track tapes for years until no one could read them. Only a few of the files were transferred to floppy disks. It always seemed that the program that I did not save was the one I wanted.

I put the punch cards and printout into grocery shopping bags. Unfortunately we put old newspapers and magazines in the same type bag fo recycling. I came home one day and the paper backups were all gone.

As part of my first job as a customer service/sales rep for one of the first computer retailers, part of my job was data recovery from my customers and clients. Was able to make a sideline supplement to my income recovering other people files. In a way I still do this as I am a pretty decent reverse engineer and am quite fond of obsolete systems.

Even so If a file made it onto a floppy disk I still probably have it. I used to back up my HDs to floppy. When HDs got big I restored the floppies to the HD. When CDs became popular I backed up to CDs. In theory this is what I would grab if I had time to think in a fast evacuation. Even to this day I sneaker net important files between computers I have access to, use on a regular basis.

In forty plus years I have only lost a handful of files. Mostly photos. The worse case was some photos I took on vacation, then took the disk into work the day I was laid off (to print them out) I never saw the disk again. I then spent days going through my backups and email logs looking for them. I used to email stuff from work to home. As in the early days one would uses a modem and capture the sessions I have email and usenet logs dating back to the mid 1980s. It was probably against company policy, but then who was to tell. It is part of human nature. I still tend to save all my emails.

Technically I did not loose the most critical photos. As I did have a printouts which I scanned. The result of these searches was that I found many "lost files." The old search for something else to find another thing trope.

As for the 9 track tapes. Surprisingly the salvation army took them. About a week later I found a website where someone had written a HP2000F emulator, with similar data from another school. The only reason I kept them was I was going to write an emulator myself for Time Shared Basic. As someone else did it, I no longer have to.

The other interesting thing is that there are emulators for DOS and Apple ][ stuff. Mostly for running games. So it is possible to mount some of my old disk images. And see the old files again.

I also suspect that eventually I will be able to run these emulators on embedded systems. Especially as I have agreed to give a talk of migrating from 8051 to Arduino at ESC in December as relating to my pipe organ projects.

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Re: Hosting currently running slow

Post by RogerClark » Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:29 pm

i manually backed up everything just after I posted to the forum.
Took me about 20 mins as i have multiple sites and HostGators backup wizard never seems to work when I try it.

Plus I had to wait while hundreds of MB of files download ( for all the web root file systems)

Everything went into a writable DVD disk, which I find is the most stable backup medium. as you cant so easily delete the files with a keystroke

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