Proof reading Schematics, Anyone?

What could be included in further releases, or for the forum.
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Re: Proof reading Schematics, Anyone?

Post by ahull » Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:15 pm

Nutsy wrote:Lol fantastic :D I realise this DIY scope is off a STM as well, and I did wonder if it was possible to make a scope with one of the spare baites i have...
I believe it is based on an STM, but I haven't actually seen one.
Ill still build this DIY one when it turns up but I might have a go at the project. And I noticed while skimming the forum threads of your that you may have got 2Mhz working :) That seems great :D
It can do 2MHz and uses DMA, this is as fast as it can go.
Umm this might sound really cheaky... But do you have a finished project I could look at and maybe kinda copy, to build?
Not much to it. One blue pill, one display, some wires, a couple of resistors as a voltage divider on the input and optionally a cheap 'scope probe and a BNC socket. It is currently tidied away as I am in the middle of redecorating the house, however there is a brief "how to build" here ->
Bear in mind that there is very little input protection to the STM32F103 in the pig-o-scope other than the voltage divider, so it is not a fully featured 'scope, just a quick and slightly crude tool... useful in a pinch, and pretty capable for a couple of dollars/pounds.
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