Create index for newbies?

What could be included in further releases, or for the forum.
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Create index for newbies?

Post by Jardart » Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:26 pm

First - t h a n k s

I believe everything is going under Windows 8.1, & 7 with Baite Maple Minis and 3 different generic boards.
Great work Roger and the rest. Again, thank you!!

I think some kind of index, or flowchart, or checklist would be handy. A simple, current guide that quickly takes a user who has an OS, a board variant, and a method of upload etc. towards the needed videos, documentation, or procedures.

Videos are great, but not easily scanned.

In my case, I finally got the last piece needed after watching the 1.6.2 update video with reference to the driver bat file for windows. Curiously, I had seen a COM port once or twice without running the batch file (confusing). Since this was intermittent at best I just thought I had to do the reset-but dance forever. Glad I don't.

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Re: Create index for newbies?

Post by mrburnette » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:58 pm

Welcome! And I am glad you were able to work through the fog and get your STMduino up & running.

Honestly, I appreciate your suggestion; many here have attempted to pave the entry for the new users. There is scattered documentation, Roger's Youtube video, and list of links. Where things become complex is that you and I are Windows users but, we have a large number of Apple OS X users and a large number of Linux users. Add to that the growing number of STM32 boards being utilized in the community and you can understand why a "guide" is difficult.

The best guide would be your own suggestions of how you succeeded; Why? Because this site is fully indexed by Google. Just use a great title (How I got my Maple Mini up and running under Windows) and you create a nice reference thread that others can append.

Again, Welcome.

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