dmx input

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dmx input

Post by octavio » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:50 am

Sample code to read a dmx universe,using a dmx to serial adapter and the usart3 rx pin on the blue pill.

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typedef struct usart_reg_map {
    __io uint32 SR;             /**< Status register */
    __io uint32 DR;             /**< Data register */
    __io uint32 BRR;            /**< Baud rate register */
    __io uint32 CR1;            /**< Control register 1 */
    __io uint32 CR2;            /**< Control register 2 */
    __io uint32 CR3;            /**< Control register 3 */
    __io uint32 GTPR;           /**< Guard time and prescaler register */
} usart_reg_map;

#define USART3_BASE                     ((struct usart_reg_map*)0x40004800)

void setup()
  Serial2.begin(250000,SERIAL_8N2);  //serial2 is USART3
  USART3_BASE->CR1=0x2024;  //disable transmitter

static unsigned int frindex=0;
byte frame[513]; //usually there is a 0 byte followed by 512bytes of data

extern "C" void __irq_usart3(void) {
  int status,data;
   if(status&2) { 
    if(frindex++<512) frame[frindex]=(unsigned char) data;
Some changes need to be done on the library to change the default irq handler:


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