myStorm - an STM32Fxxx ARM supported FPGA board

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Re: myStorm - an STM32Fxxx ARM supported FPGA board

Post by ag123 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:29 am

it'd seem these days we are going from stm32 arduino mcu to stm32 vector super computers :lol:

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Re: myStorm - an STM32Fxxx ARM supported FPGA board

Post by Pito » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:21 pm

I like this concept much - that is the solution which is "fit for the future".
I spent this fall messing with Xilinx'es XC6SLX9 in 144pin flatpack, and it has been a great fun. I did with microblaze, pdp-8.
The only issue I see is the fpga there in myStorm is rather small - the SLX9 is _much_ bigger one, and after a few months of playing with it it becomes rather small too :)
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Re: myStorm - an STM32Fxxx ARM supported FPGA board

Post by monsonite » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:47 pm


Just to clarify possible misunderstanding about myStorm - the open source FPGA board.

The first 25 boards were fitted with STM32F103RCT6 - chosen for it's 256K of flash within which we could hold the 130K+ of bitstream file for programming the FPGA. These boards were freely distributed to attendees at a FPGA programming workshop in September 2016.

An additional 25 boards from the same batch were fitted with STM32L476 devices - we wanted to move up to a low power M4 core - and there was some speculation about putting microPython capabilities on the board.

The STM32L476 was a bit expensive - so the next batch of 445 boards were built with the cheaper STM32L433 - pcbs of this build are known as BlackIce

All boards have a 256Kx16 10nS SRAM closely coupled to the FPGA and a microSD socket. 56 of the FPGA GPIO lines are brought out to external connectors.

One of our forum members, Richard Miller has created a board package - so that the STM32L433 may be programmed from the Arduino IDE. This has been built on the top of the STM32L4xx work by "GrumpyOldPizza" ... kice/279/1

In addition to being Arduino compatible - there is great interest in using the BlackIce board for retrocomputing and modeling new soft core processor designs.
We have designs including Acorn Atom (6502), BBC Model B (6502), Jupiter Ace (forth Z80) and a generic Z80 CP/M machine.

In terms of soft cores we have James Bowman's J1 Forth Processor and also a 16bit register based machine - the OPC6 that runs at about 40MHz.

We are actively continuing with myStorm developments - combining STM32xxxx microcontrollers with Lattice ICE40 parts. They are certainly not the biggest or fastest FPGAs, but they can be developed using open source tools and are economically priced for the student or hobbyist.


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Re: myStorm - an STM32Fxxx ARM supported FPGA board

Post by RogerClark » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:49 pm


I think its a very interesting board, and I will order one at some point...

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