display gender bender pcb anyone

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display gender bender pcb anyone

Post by zmemw16 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:33 am

idle sunday thoughts :)

2 off 40 way pth connector to 40 way pth connectors with one-to-one wiring. both close to their long edge of the pcb.

populate as required with 2 rows of N, and on the other side with 2 rows of N,
where N = 40/2 | 36/2 | 34/2 or 32/2 to give header & socket benders.

for ordering, layout as even number daisy chained of 40 way pth and guillotine off in pairs; bit like nucleo st-link break off
you could guillotine/cut/nibble off the excess if not wanting 40 way, opposite connector is also high enough off the board to typically allow the use of jtag connector or button pressing access.

OR not as compact or neat & not using a pcb.
disp with skt to hdr - insert 'trimmed' double ended hdr strip
disp with hdr to skt - use 'trimmed?' long pinned skt strip and it's probably single use on the pin connection if using the 'arduino' type, usually a rectangular 'pin' and need extra to insert


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