Hi From Babinda Australia

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Hi From Babinda Australia

Post by epineh » Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:41 pm

Hi all as the title suggests I live towards the pointy bit of Australia.

I haven't done much programming since I was a boy and those days I used to load machine code directly into the old Commodore 64 and point the processor to it, things have changed slightly now. My compiler consisted of a notebook and pencil haha.

I have a CNC background and like tinkering with electronics, I built a CNC router with my own servo drives that I can use to produce isolation track milled boards, handy for prototyping and one off boards, of course any more than a few and I get them made professionally.

Anyway I have a generic STM32F103C8 board (blue pill ? is that a Matrix reference ?) that I have (with the help of information on this forum) managed to load and run the blink LED program via USB to serial and it was quite painless to do so.

As I am a noob as far as programming I will do my best to learn some basics before asking too many stupid questions.

Next on the list is to make the blinking LED by using the RTC so it can be used as a "heartbeat" indicator for my projects.

Hope to learn and eventually be able to help others, even if its to advise what not to do haha.



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Re: Hi From Babinda Australia

Post by RogerClark » Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:07 pm

Hi Russel

Welcome to the forum.

As you probably know, I'm in Melbourne. I have visited Cairmes a few times, but not recently.

The STM32 is. great processor, with loads of advanced features, its fast 72MHz, uses an ARM 32 core, and is compatible with the newer sensors which use 3.3V rather 5V.

But as a beginner, the STM32 isn't as easy to use as the Arduino Uno, which uses the AVR 8 bit, 16Mhz processor, mainly because of the large number of libraries ( for sensors etc), which hVe incompatibility with 32 bit processors, or sometmes are written using AVR hardware specific functions.

However, we try to help people get up to speed with this slightly more challenging processor.

The search feature on PHPBB, which this site uses, isnt that great, but Google indexes this site all the time, so I'd recommend you use google to search the site, ( google for how to search within a speciic site ;-)

And if you cant find a solution, please post a question.

We also have a FAQ in the forum and also a separate wiki. wiki.stm32duino.com

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