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my projects

Post by arpruss » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:51 am

I've been doing mobile software development as a hobby for about 20 years (first for the Z80-based Sharp Wizard 7xx, then PalmOS, then Android), and lately I've been doing various little microcontroller projects.

My last completed microcontroller project was been a black-pill based Gamecube controller to USB adapter, with switchable operation modes (emulate joystick, emulate ASDW, emulate arrow keys, emulate Minecraft controls, etc.)

My other recently completed microcontroller projects were an Arduino Mega (knockoff) based Certamen quiz machine for my kids' school's Latin program and an ESP8266-based weather warning device, to wake us up independently of cell-phone reliance in case of tornado warnings/watches.

My upcoming microcontroller-based projects are:
- USB controller where throttle is controlled by the speed of an elliptical exercise machine, using a Digispark knockoff and a Wii Nunchuck
- telescope push-to pointing system, probably using an Arduino Micro (knockoff), Bluetooth module and AS5601 magnetic rotary sensors
- CNC router (probably the MPCNC, using Repetier firmware)
- maybe some sort of an STM32 based oscilloscope, as my current oscilloscope, while working well, takes annoyingly long to boot up (it's an old HP floppy-based digital scope); I've got another black pill ordered from Aliexpress, and maybe that's what I'll use it for, or maybe I'll go for an F303, if I can handle the surface mount soldering, which is a new experience for me (I did solder one of the AS5601s to an adapter board).

I've also been playing with an FPGA, to use VHDL for acquiring a broader range of programming paradigms.

I've got a DaVinci 1.0a 3D printer, and find myself constantly designing stuff in OpenSCAD.

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