Hello from Northern Virginia

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Hello from Northern Virginia

Post by eggsylah » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:10 am

I've been lurking on the forum since April and have finally registered.
I'm another one of those old fogeys that seem to be here: originally cutting my teeth on the National Semiconductor SC/MP II micro -- not even a jump subroutine opcode -- through the 6502 (PET/BBC Micro) and various TI/Motorola DSP processors. All assembler coding - I guess I like the low level stuff.

I've been enjoying using the stm32duino core on blue, black and maple clone boards. I've found it an easy way to get started on the STM32 and to quickly test things before progressing to bare metal coding.

For long term projects I want to build a vertical plotter to draw on my office wall, which is a giant whiteboard. Lots of designs for these around so I just need to pull the ideas together.
The second is to build an array of STM33 micros into a small smartcard driven "super-computer". I just need to get the NDA signed so I can understand how to program the crypto co-processor. The idea would be to program up some number field sieve algorithms. In fact, that's why I got the blue pills so that I could start to develop the protocol for the processors to communicate since the core should be similar enough to the STM32F103. So far it is all talk!

Anyway thanks for developing a great tool and for the fascinating topics on this forum.


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