Hello from Finland

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Hello from Finland

Post by Robojuchen » Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:13 am


I have been playing with arduinos and picaxes since 2011. Some projects would benefit or require more ram and faster mcu than avr so i have ocassionally used blue pill, esp8266 and propeller. Blue pill is very nice for its price, hard to beat indeed! I have no training for programming and electronics (history teacher) so i rely heavily on the fantastic work you gurus do to help us noobies get into this fascinating world.

At the moment i am working with an ov7670-project. I have managed to read frames, thresold image with triangle algorithm and managed to find the blobs with kind of lengthrun and linkedlist method. Now iam trying to move to dma code but somehow newer stm32 package version freezes my serial and i had to move back older version. I had also strange problem with a linked list libray that compiles but claims to be too big in size. I will open proper topics later. Finally i managed to register here. I have been reading this forum quite often.


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Re: Hello from Finland

Post by Ollie » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:37 pm

Hi Jussi,

I am happy to see more Finns in Robotics and STM32 activities. Congratulations to team Finland of getting the highest match points in FIRST Global Challenge 2017.

Cheers, Ollie (Olavi)

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