hello from Scotland

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hello from Scotland

Post by kes » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:35 am


I'm kes

Interested in everything from electric cars to crypto currency to control of everything through automation; another computer control revolution is happening now. It's going to make life easier for all of us.
Hopefully all this automation will make life easier for the poorest in our society also.

On a practical level I have used Arduino technologies for a number of years now, particularly the nano.
It's just a hobby for me.
Looks like the STM32 may well be the nano replacement (unofficial).
The improved speed over the ATmega328 will help me catch rising edges on LED pulses etc.

Latest project was to measure the pressure of my boiler heating system which I did with a bit of plumbing, a plumbing pressure sensor, a Jeenode and an on board RFM12B. The Jeenode (ATmega328) + RFM12B combo is far more reliable than using the ESP8266 which has a tendency to continually fall over without resetting itself. Looks like the ESP32 may have the same issues.

STM32 has more memory than the nano which means more code can be used for more sensors.

I have, no doubt like everyone else, so much I want to do and comparatively little time.

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Re: hello from Scotland

Post by RogerClark » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:23 am

Hi Kes

I think JCW did intially do some work to move the JeeNode to STM32, and he is a non-active member of this forum, but its been a long time since I looked at his site and forum, so I don't know the current state of play, like you do...

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