Hello from Southern Germany

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Hello from Southern Germany

Post by kawillers » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:17 am

Hello, I'm Karin living in the greater Munich area.

My interest is building an ultra-low-power LoRaWAN node with an STM32L0 and (probably) a HOPERF RFM95W transceiver chip. Since most (as far as I can see) of the development work is currently done using the Arduino ecosystem, STM32duino is probably a good way to use the software, but migrating to ARM.

Greetings, Karin

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Re: Hello from Southern Germany

Post by RogerClark » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:43 am

Hi Karin

I have been experimenting with some LoRa modules, using the cheap BluePill STM32F103 board

I find that LoRa library by Sandeep Mistry (on github) worked fine for the SX1278 modules, and I think the HopeRF modules have exactly the same interface so the same library should work for the Hope devices

I now have some HopeRF95W modules, but I have not tested them.

You will need to use the official STM core www.github.com/stm32duino for the L0 board, but it should work with Sandeep's code as his code just uses high level Arduino API calls.

I would not try to use the RadioHead library, as it is not very portable, and is unlikely to work with the STM L0 core (or any STM core)

One other member of the forum, (Goran) is using a Nordic nRF52 module for LoRa, but he is using the official Nordic SDK not an Arduino implementation.

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