kd5byb: New User - First Post / Introduction

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kd5byb: New User - First Post / Introduction

Post by kd5byb » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:23 pm

    Good morning all,

    The name is Ben, ham radio callsign KD5BYB hailing from northern Alabama, USA. I enjoy ham radio and really anything electronic and have been playing around with Arduinos for several years now. Most of my projects up to this point have been not much more than the "blink an LED" type of project...but I did recently finish a project where I wrote code for an Arduino UNO to to display the status of a Trueposition GPS Disciplined Oscillator board that was surplus from the telecommunications industry.

    I found my way here looking for a less expensive and more powerful alternative to the usual Arduino-brand hardware. I want less expensive, as some of my projects I want to move from the "prototype" stage to more of a "production design" where I can duplicate them inexpensively. I found my way via an online article to the STM32F103C series "blue pills" and have been playing with these neat little units for about six months now, off and on, as time allows.

    A long term goal is to make a large, GPS-controlled wall clock for my office. We've got a large, open wall with nothing on it and a co-worker stated that it would be a great place to put a big clock. In the past I've coded up a few GPS clocks for the Arduino Uno that display onto LCD's...and thought...hmmmm...I can use a series of WS2812 "NeoPixels" to make a clock that is about 3 feet (~ 1 meter) in diameter with them to go onto the wall. So I've started designing that in my head and am about to get started on the GPS parsing code. (Not sure if I'll use TinyGPS, TinyGPS++, or modify the parser I wrote for the Trueposition GPS to do the majority of the work.) I want to use the STM32F103C "Blue Pill" as the brains, as its cheap and powerful.

    I registered this morning as I'm having a problem that I can't quite solve...and searching through the forums hasn't turned up anything. I'm going to post in the correct forum shortly, but basically, the first time I compile for a Blue Pill, everything goes fine and I can sucessfully upload into the chip. HOWEVER, if I make a change to my code and then go to compile a second time, I get an error. If I restart the Arduino IDE, I can compile and upload once...then I get the error again.

    Anyways, looking forward to reading and contributing what little I may be able to contribute here.

    thanks much,
    ben, kd5byb

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    Re: New User - First Post / Introduction

    Post by mrburnette » Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:43 pm

    GPS parsing code
    I have some simple clock projects, some using Adafruit's GPS parser and some where I wrote my own.



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    Re: New User - First Post / Introduction

    Post by RogerClark » Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:15 pm


    i notice from your other post that you have solved your upload problem.


    i did a library for them, but its not perfect. However if you want to try it, its in my github account.

    There are several other Neopixel libs kicking around, but some disable the interrupts, which kills Serial USB and loads of other stuff.

    Probably best just to search the forum using Google, for keywords like Neopixel and the part code of the devices ( which I can remember off the top of my head, though I think it begins with a W)

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