ST-Link and STM32flash files

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ST-Link and STM32flash files

Post by ahull » Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:44 pm

Here are the relevant files I used to get my generic "ST-Link V2" programmer working with Linux ... sp=sharing (14Mb)

Extract them to your arduino/hardware/Arduino_STM32/tools/linux folder - includes the source for texan stlink and a compiled binary (and a pre-compiled version for Ubuntu 14.04)

Roger, you might like to cherry pick this lot and put what is needed in the git repo.

If set up correctly, you will then be able to use one of these ... 5d581ab306 to program your stm32 board without needing to mess about with bootloaders, serial to USB adapters or the boot jumpers on the board.

Just wire it up as per these images (or figure out the correct pins for your board from the schematic - identify SWDIO, SWCLK, Gnd and possibly 3v3 depending on whether you want to power the board from the programmer or not).

Then select STM32F103C to flash - no bootloader for the board, and STLink for the upload method.

After that, you should only ever need to press the Arduino Upload button, the programmer will flash your new sketch and reboot the STM32 automatically, which will then run your code.


- Andy Hull -

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