Nextion LCD with Maple Mini Clone (STM32F103CBT6)

Can someone help me port this library?
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Nextion LCD with Maple Mini Clone (STM32F103CBT6)

Post by befiglonia » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:08 pm


I'm on OSX, working on platformio with Roger's STM32duino core.

I have e Nextion LCD (5V) that works great on a Blue Pill board on its 5V-tolerant RX/TX pins (with common ground).

I want to adapt it to my Maple Mini Clone, but fail to get it running properly.
I tried all USART interfaces, and also checked them for their reliability.

In debugSerial i get following lines:

recvRetCommandFinished ok
recvRetCommandFinished ok
recvRetCommandFinished err
recvRetCommandFinished err

During display initialisation I can get a command working during the first few seconds. After that display/board does not respond (after first err message).

BAUD for Display is on 115200
BAUD for debug is 9600

It may be the 3.3V/5V logic, weird thing is however that Bluepill is working properly and on Maple mini some commands work during the first few seconds.

I would be very thankful for some hint in the right direction.,,

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Re: Nextion LCD with Maple Mini Clone (STM32F103CBT6)

Post by Nutsy » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:35 pm

Try a lower braud rate to begin with on the nextion...
Also nextions are quite dumb as displays go... It has its own MCu so should run without the need of the host MCU... i had a nextion running on a maple mini without any real trouble. Didnt even need libraries. Just serial commands to update data fields on the screen.

also be sure the serial lines between the display and host mcu are not broken or too long...

But yes start with a lower braud rate. Also make sure the nextions internal serial is set to the same rate... Its a command you add in the HMI editor as part of the on page load. i cant remember the command off the top of my head but its in the displays documentation...

Put the command in the first pages on load, treat this area as the setup and configuration for the display...

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