Cool! A 3.5$ STM32duino STM32F103C8 - Maple Mini

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Re: Cool! A 3.5$ STM32duino STM32F103C8 - Maple Mini

Post by AnalogLamb » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:46 am

madias wrote:
Pito wrote:
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Length:
Product Weight:
I would not have problem with 10m long MapleTree Mini R1, but 0.3kg is far too much (because of shipment fees).
I get all the stuff from ebay of similar size and weight shipment free..
Far too much for a 10m maple tree?
I don't think so:

The package is about 0.1kg, based on the actual weight and fee, we will refund the balance. 10m is a mistake clearly.
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