CZ mini STM32F103ZX schematic anyone?

Generic boards that are not Maple or Maple mini clones, and don't contain the additional USB reset hardware
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CZ mini STM32F103ZX schematic anyone?

Post by zmemw16 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:40 pm

has anyone a schematic for the old type(?) CZ mini STM32F103ZX ?

my version has power switch and socket, pl2303 usb connector, a pure usb connector, tft connector and probably a sdio sd cart. nothing extra like i2c eeprom or spi flash & there aren't pads for them either.

it's a bit worrying that PB6 & PB7 on the TFT header ? i suspect that means remapping is in play for i2c :x
i'm sure i've not seen a display header with I2C1 pins on it.
also spi1 pins pa5-pa7 are on it as well, but their position on the connector looks reasonable for display touch and flash.


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