No (no more) Serial output on "STM Nucleo F103RB (STLink)

STM32F103 Nucleo boards e.g. STM Nucleo F103RB
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No (no more) Serial output on "STM Nucleo F103RB (STLink)

Post by Zingg_JM » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:15 am

I have used ST-Nucleo F103RB with Arduino IDE before. IDE was 1.6.10. I am quite sure I got output to the serial monitor.

But now this does not work (anymore?). I have Arduino 1.8 and downloaded the actual

And I am even more confused, because this works with "NUCLEO-F103RB", added in preferences from the "unofficial boards list".

But I need YOUR version for my actual test, because I need the additional SPI functions, e.g. SPI.beginSlave().

I have some other STM32F103RB boards, and a STLink, but the Nucleo is more straightforward to use.

I tend to forget what worked on STM32, and how, because I use ESP8266 most of the time.

I like clickable and valid links that point to relevant information

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Re: No (no more) Serial output on "STM Nucleo F103RB (STLink)

Post by BennehBoy » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:12 am

Why not just download the zip version of IDE 1.6.10, unzip and test with that...

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