when you forget just how you got it working

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when you forget just how you got it working

Postby zmemw16 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:42 pm

and forgotten where the sources are as well?

why the question, i was playing with a nano to get a st7735 working and thinking to then move it to stm32.
so when i found a itead maple board hooked up for an ili9341 driven display i then wondered how/when i got that working

anyone know if examining the flash contents would help ?

what would be sufficient to do this ?
maybe if every included file stored what ? to where ?
maybe tied it to a debug flag to add more info ?
would library.properties be enough info ?

do all displays come with a link to solder closed to bypass the 5v->3v3 regulator ? all my TJCTM coded orange/red pcb ones seem to have it.


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