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tape packaged soic with no dot

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:55 pm
by zmemw16
i'm about to add an eeprom to one of the boards i got recently, ordered them and they duly arrived.
now i've got 24c64 and 24c256, not quite sure how :?

anyways it got worse, they don't seem to have a pin 1 indicator, spot or recess.

i've only looked at eeprom data sheets for the dip pin outs! however when looking at the package info diagrams for soic.
there's an extra line in the side elevation and the end elevation shows the angle; ok it took me a minute, but my technical drawing 'o' level was in 1973 and it's not really required for software. however doing 2mm high printing in a very big flow chart is handy.

the pin one side of the package has a full length beveled edge, so facing the side with the bevel and top surface is up - pin 1 is at the left.

thought it might help someone else.