Any FTDI Eve users here?

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Any FTDI Eve users here?

Postby Nutsy » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:58 pm

For those that dont know... FTDI Eve is FTDIs graphics processor chip for embedded hardware. Giving accelerated graphics and user interfaces for projects...

You can buy displays with it already built in simular to the Nextion display... 4D Systems make a few but are really over priced, esp when you consider that the chip is about the same price as an stm32f103cb...

So has anyone already used one of these? Integrated it into the mainboard of there project?

Im having some trouble with the nextion display, when trying to handle a fair amount of data being sent back... Slider controllers. Seems to loose some data. Im trying to come up with some simple error correction or byte received confirmation but with nextions really simplistic programming scripting its really hard to make it work effectively.

Im considering the next step in the projects design... Maybe v2... I dont know. But to integrate the graphics chip into the mainboard and run the lcd off it. Bypassing the issues i have with the nextion display all together.

FTDI provide a very comprehensive gui builder ide. And it spits out your GUI in c/c++ code which is fully interfaceable, unlike the diabolical nextion.

Alsoa major bonus, unlike the nextion it also has proper frame buffering so overlapping items dont clip and flash when changing. Also full alpha support in images too... Oh and video playback as well. Though i dont know where the video is being streamed from, i some how dont think its via the main MCU maybe the ftdi chip has access to its own flash storage chip.

But this is all based on what little ive been able to read on it. So has anyone here used it? Care to give some insight?

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Re: Any FTDI Eve users here?

Postby lightcalamar » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:00 pm

I own the FT800 and FT810 screens
With Arduino not problem, I write documentation for Arduino MEGA FTxxx Service Manual with display FTxxx buy on, add SD SPI on personalized shield.

My friend TFTLCDCyg and I modified library GD2 (Gameduino 2) for screens FT81xx based chip. See this link --> result library GD3, running on boards Arduino´s / Teensy 3.5 and 3.6

I also try to make these FT chip in STM32. To believe not to be very difficult

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Re: Any FTDI Eve users here?

Postby Nutsy » Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:26 pm

Sorry little confused by the post, did you build your own Eve boards IE made your own PCB with eve chip and connected to a lcd screen, or did you buy the prebuilt kits like those from 4D?

I ask as Im considdering integrating Eve into my project, so will require a custom design...

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