How do i get my stm32f103c to read MIDI signals? using fortyseveneffects MIDI lib

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How do i get my stm32f103c to read MIDI signals? using fortyseveneffects MIDI lib

Post by ronox » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:10 am

Using the MIDI libraryfound here ... di_library

Im a bit new so i dont know how serial works but, my stm32 is able to send serial info to my computer through the micro usb port it has, which i can monitor on the serial monitor in the arduino IDE.

Basically, im hoping i can use either a USART pin (in which case how with this?) via the MIDI output from my MIDI controller, or prefferebly use the MIDI over USB, whichever has the least latency.

Just to clarify, i want the stm32 to READ MIDI, not generate and output. I want to make a basic synth i can hook up to my MIDI controller so i can take it places and practice on it. The thing about MIDI controllers is that they generally dont have speakers or any capacity for anything other than making MIDI output, and similarly synthesizers, albeit just occasionally, dont have the capacity to operate without a controller.
So in this sense i want to make a synthesizer. there seems to be a great deal of confusion about this.
A very basic FM oscillator type synth at that, nothing fancy, its for learning, ill go with whatever the stm32 can handle.

So, i have tried using the libraries and examples in it, but i cant seem to get it to work, even on an arduino UNO R3 which apparently the examples are by default intended to be used on.

I only need to get to the point that i can get some sort of confirmation it read the signal, after that im pretty confident i can handle the rest, im only struggling in actually getting my MIDI controller (AXIOM OXYGEN 25) to talk to the stm32.

Again, either through MIDI over USB, or using the actual MIDI interface.

Thankyou in advance


ive been trying more today and new mysteries have appeared. sometimes i cannot use serial monitor to see if things work. also, in every example, any time MIDI.h is used, it becomes impossible to use the built in led to indicate anything. I wanted it to flash when it reads midi, but it does nothing, but what is worse, even if i tell it to go high or low, nothing changes, it simply remains on, somehow the MIDI.h file prevents proper LED operations, i checked the libraries, and it makes no mention of LED control so i dont understan how this can happen, it defies logic.
heres the code i tried to use where it would not do serial OR led
though i think it makes small sense the serial wouldnt work, theres no reason LED shouldnt

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