BPi-G1 - STM32F103CB board with a ton of extras.

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BPi-G1 - STM32F103CB board with a ton of extras.

Postby primateio » Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:45 am


Have you guys seen this new board from BPi? I was looking at some of their Banana pi boards for a project I am working on, and I stumbled upon this.
http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/component/content/article?layout=edit&id=76 . They designed it as a home automation board and based it on the STM32F103CB microcontroller, so it should work with STM32duino.

They just took an stm32 microcontroller and attached a ton of supporting modules. It has a CC3200 for wifi, CC2540 for bluetooth, and a CC2530 for Zigbee.

It looks like you can get them for about $50 USD on aliexpress, which is expensive, in my opinion, although I couldn't make one myself for any cheaper, so maybe not. It looks like a fun board to tinker with.

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Re: BPi-G1 - STM32F103CB board with a ton of extras.

Postby stevech » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:17 am

Beware the T.I. CC25xx radios. Awful.
And why the added CC3200 M4?

I'd rate this $50 item a screwball.

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