USB disconnect pin Definition

STM32duino bootloader aka Maple bootloader
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USB disconnect pin Definition

Post by Pito » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:29 am

I spent a whole day messing with my Bluepill (equipped with 1k5 pmos switch on PINB2) trying to solve the issue with not recognizing the Maple Serial after DFU in the latest Libmaple. Finally I dug up in board.h the

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#define BOARD_USB_DISC_DEV        NULL
#define BOARD_USB_DISC_BIT        NULL
and replaced with

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#define BOARD_USB_DISC_BIT        2
and now it works as expected (with an older repo it worked/works as I did define the pins there in past, but I forgot that needs to be done).

Q: While we may have Generic 103 boards with and/or without the hw assisted disconnect on a certain pin, would it be possible to use a switch in boards.txt such we can put it there for a specific board? Like -DUSB_DISC=PB2
In Daniel's core there is such a switch, afaik.
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Re: USB disconnect pin Definition

Post by stevestrong » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:38 am

The removal of the disc pin was intended: ... a2f6c76051
Your board setup seems to be custom.
To use an additional switch in "boards.txt" I find no quite meaningful, because for your custom setup changing the "board.h" has the same effect.

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