STLink-v2 + stm32f103 blue + GDB

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STLink-v2 + stm32f103 blue + GDB

Postby tiger762 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:41 pm


Trying to debug a complex script I have running on the stm32f103. I program it with an STLink-v2 fine.

Downloaded and compiled Texane's st-util

I start it, get the "listening on 4242" message

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2017-03-15T17:34:59 INFO src/gdbserver/gdb-server.c: Listening at *:4242...

I start the ARM GDB

tar extended-remote :4242

in the st-util window it detects that GDB has connected to it

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2017-03-15T17:35:42 INFO src/gdbserver/gdb-server.c: GDB connected.

At this point, it is only marginally useful. A stack trace always shows the same bullcrap:

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(gdb) bt
#0  0x1ffff020 in ?? ()
#1  0xffffffff in ?? ()
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)

I am suspect of what it reports the program counter:

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(gdb) print $pc
$1 = (void (*)(void)) 0x1ffff020

It is always that value. Dumps of memory seem to work:

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(gdb) x/32x 0x08000000
0x8000000 <__stm32_vector_table>:   0x20005000   0x08000e55   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd
0x8000010 <__stm32_vector_table+16>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd
0x8000020 <__stm32_vector_table+32>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd
0x8000030 <__stm32_vector_table+48>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08001435
0x8000040 <__stm32_vector_table+64>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd
0x8000050 <__stm32_vector_table+80>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000491   0x08000fdd
0x8000060 <__stm32_vector_table+96>:   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd   0x080004bd
0x8000070 <__stm32_vector_table+112>:   0x08000fdd   0x080004fd   0x08000fdd   0x08000fdd

But what I really need to do is when the stm32f103 has driven off into the woods, start the debugger and at least get a real program counter address that I can then take to an objdump output and figure out what while() loop it is likely stuck in.

Any help appreciated!

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