was i too hopeful?

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was i too hopeful?

Post by zmemw16 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:15 am

the good news is last night i got a 2.2 tft lcd (ssd1306) doing the full graphics test program, albeit on a nano
first time i've ever seen it ;-)
the other thing was i connected my open bench sniffer to look at the spi lines, got nothing like any spi i've
seen before (on arduino avr mega/tiny etc)

and tonight just when i was going to play with spi lcd display on stm32 ... ... ....

thought i'll use my stm's white egg stm8/jtag so i plugged jtag ribbon into one of those euse.taobao stm32f103rct6 boards(2)
got red led & flashing blue
as usual, try blink from arduino ide, no pages being written......uh?
st-info --anything returns nothing

changed to my £1.99 st-link clone
red light & flashing blue
st-link --anything as expected
st-util returned voltage

for other board no mini-b usb cable got me power, so powered from st-link clone
red light, no blue, think i've programmed it at some point.
st-link --anything as expected
st-util returned voltage

somewhere in this i went and rebuilt st-* from src from githib texane??

conclusion - white egg jtag interface for st-link to either board not good, except i've seen a video connecting a st-link
clone into jtag pins and i suppose stm's egg is talking jtag, not st-link

might try with the 4pin stm8 connection and of course even just ' + - c d' markings would make it so much easier????
and i've at least one dodgey usb lead or usb socket on said board or one of each

memo- restore st-* files back to /usr/local/bin.

well i've a couple of zet's with np jtag connector, so that'll be eliminated:-)
on one of those, i had the 4 i2c[1|2] pins flashing leds just be sure i drove the right ones b6/b7 b10/b11

OLS waveforms are nice, 1uS is more like 1.5uS


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Re: was i too hopeful?

Post by RogerClark » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:26 am

STLink normally works OK, but doesnt need the full JTAG connector.

Only 2 wires are needed CLOCK and DATA (and of course power and ground)

I have a cheap STLink board and it works fine.

I also have a cheap JTAG board, but I have not been able to upload and run code using it. (It could be defective as it was a cheap clone of a well known commercial JTAG programmer).

If you can't get JTAG to work, USB to Serial works as well as STLink for uploads.

And installing the bootloader makes things even easier

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