double st-links, single arduino ide

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double st-links, single arduino ide

Post by zmemw16 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:53 am

i'm trying to running tx and rx demos from EnRF24 library. 2 blue pills with nrf24's and a st-link as hardware on each bread board setup.

having great fun trying to figure out which is which, chuck in waiting for serial device messages and re-enumeration ... ...

:?: can we have two st-links running out of a single ide? i suspect not, just thought i'd ask

i always seem to have problems getting serial out to work, maybe 2 resets

:?: even though i use st-link do i still need to press reset on the board?

anyway seems one side of the pair is moving to the i5 laptop ...


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Re: double st-links, single arduino ide

Post by RogerClark » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:12 pm

We use STs STLink CLI, but we dont specify STLink number or ID and it defaults to the first one it finds

you would need to research their CLI to see if you could pass the id or number to the CLI but you would need to change boards.tx, platform.txt and stlink-upload.bat to select and pass the parameter

You should not need to press reset on the board to upload via stlink

well, if you had a sketch uploaded via bootloader or flash, then the swd pins get repurposed as gpio so initially you do need to press reset, but the build flags when you select stlink upload, configure the swd pins for swd and the subsequent uploads dont need to be preceded by reset

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