Tutorial video on YouTube

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Tutorial video on YouTube

Post by RogerClark » Sat May 02, 2015 10:29 pm



I did a YouTube video a while ago, that shows how to connect two different USB to Serial adaptors to various generic STM32 boards.
It includes information on setting the Boot0 and Boot1 links (or switches), which is essential when uploading via an external USB to Serial adaptor


I can't remember if I mentioned in the video, but you must reset the board before you upload (each time), when using USB to Serial

Also, if you power cycle the board, because boot0 will still be high, the code will not run. For development, I don't find this a problem, because after the uploader completes, it automatically runs the code.

However if you often want to run the code straight after powering up, the best option is to attach a toggle switch to boot0 rather than messing around with jump links, or on-board DIL type switches, which are prone to breaking the board, as most boards are not designed for constant changing of the boot switch settings

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