Programming with a BMP on Arduino 1.6.9

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Rick Kimball
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Re: Programming with a BMP on Arduino 1.6.9

Post by Rick Kimball » Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:57 am

I loaded BMP onto a blue pill and tested it with the master branch and arduino 1.6.10 (built from source). It seems to work fine on linux.

Things to consider:

o Did you install the arm-none-eabi-g++ toolchain by using the Board Manager and then installing either the Arduino Zero or Due?

o Are you using a BMP you built yourself or one you purchased? If you built it your self have you tested it by connecting to it using arm-none-eabi-gdb on the command line and then interacting with it?

o If you have successfully used arm-none-eabi-gdb + your BMP device, have you selected the proper /dev/ttyXXXX for your os? The BMP device will show up as two different TTY devices. You want to set the PORT to the first of these devices in the Arduino IDE, the IDE uses the port you selected as the debug connection ( target extended-remote /dev/ttyXXXX ) I don't know what the proper OS X ttyname is.

o If it is still not working, I noticed you said you checked out the development branch, I just tried the master branch and that works fine. Does the master branch work for you?

o The target device you are trying to program, does it have the bootloader on it? This will disable the debug ports and prevent you from using SWD to program the device. You have to change the BOOT0 jumper to "HI" to override this setting. When you select the board in the Arduino IDE, you must select BMP when you compile. That sets the macro flag -DCONFIG_MAPLE_MINI_NO_DISABLE_DEBUG which keeps the SWD debug pins active. After you have regained access to the debug pins you can move the BOOT0 pin back to "Low" and then toggle the power on your target board.

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Re: Programming with a BMP on Arduino 1.6.9

Post by RogerClark » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:00 am

Looks like the OP has fixed this by installing the Due toolchain

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