stlink v2 (metal case) with BMP(?swv swo?)

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stlink v2 (metal case) with BMP(?swv swo?)

Postby mvcorrea » Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:58 am

Hi there,

finished reading all 27 pages of the topic on putting BMP on a stm32f103c8 :) interesting reading
I am a newbie in programming ARM's and just start researching about the flashers!
I ordered a few bluepills, 2 st-links(metal enclosure) and an "CJMCU-Jlink for SWD". And working perfectly.
So I have an spare stlink and would like to try it as an BMP!

But before, a few questions if you don't mind!

When researching, I noticed that SWO/SWV is related to a single wire, and in the original BMP We have an UART (rx/tx) connection.
Its better to have an UART? BMP does have single wire trace capabilities?

so I reach this post: ... opic/4747/

then I find those: that enable tracing via a simple patch via PA10. minute 8 (I don't know any Russian but looks the same)

With those I will be able to "printf" messages from source?

From flashing, do I need two images to be burn? Why should I need 2 of them? 0x800000 and 0x8002000
So whats their purpose?

compiling from source with "make PROBE_HOST=stlink" I got

    mvcorrea@osx% ls -1 src/*.{bin,hex}

So what/how to flash those files?

thanks for your help,


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