Do Examples work with the STM32F4 Discovery?

Limited support for STM32F4 Discovery, Nucleo and custom F4 boards
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Do Examples work with the STM32F4 Discovery?

Post by Potion » Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:07 am

Hello guys first post here.

Do the examples on the stm32 website work with the STM32F4 Discovery or is it only for the Eval board variants with the LCD screens? The examples (st standard peripheral library) in question are from here: ... aries.html

Forgive me if the link doesnt work right now, for some odd reason the entire st website isnt loading for me.

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Re: Do Examples work with the STM32F4 Discovery?

Post by sheepdoll » Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:56 am

I think more members who have F4 discovery have the one without the LCD. I think this has audio options. You have to look at what chip is mounted and compare it to what is is boards.txt (or the menu.) The older F4 libraries are strictly tied to the chip as they use direct register access, which is not consistent across the myrad of boards and options.

I and a few others working with F4 have a separate core based on the HAL libraries. ST has also announced support for a HAL core. Only the F1 and I think L4 have been released by ST. F4 support is promised "soon"

While there are a lot of SPL examples out in the wild, there is no longer new development from ST.

Most of my experiments have been with the Nucleo which has a F401. I also have some F429i-Discovery boards which I sometimes experiment with. These are the ones with the ILI9341 TFT LCD. Most of the examples use SPL which is annoying. I have been looking into seeing if I can get the Adafruit library ported. Although I have been sidetracked lately getting makefiles to work.

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