schematic says its a spi pin, cubemx nope - black 407zgt

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schematic says its a spi pin, cubemx nope - black 407zgt

Post by zmemw16 » Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:22 pm

this is the Black F407ZGT6 board.
the schematic for the touch, sdcard & flash additions has as common lines sck, miso & mosi pins on pb1, pf8 & pf9.

on running cubemx for the f407zgt mcu, left click doesn't list any spi functions for those pins. if you do that for pb8 & pb9 you'll see them as alternates for i2c1 scl/sda. it also uses pb2 as T_CS???? additionally neither does the data-sheet list them.
so i'm slightly baffled, not too hard to do - software spi really??? any thoughts ?
am i missing something stupendously stupid or in believing the schematic ?
time to write a waggle pins sketch ... ... again ...

extracted from the schematic is this:-
zgt-tft.png (237.61 KiB) Viewed 163 times
browsing the full schematic, pc2 and pc3 are spi2 miso/mosi and the schematic also lists those as sd_cs and f_cs select lines as well, oh dear :?:


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