Stm32f303re Nucleo board SPI1/SPI3 arduino headers

Limited support for STM32F3 based boards, e.f STM Discovery and Nucleo line
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Stm32f303re Nucleo board SPI1/SPI3 arduino headers

Post by Rammohan » Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:04 am


I am working Stm32f303re Nucleo board and able to succeed interfacing an external device using SPI2 morpho header interface.
trying to do same with SPI1/SPI3 arduino header interface which is not working. After some investigation found below issue.

Some of SPI1 & SPI3 arduino pins(spi3_clk->PB3, spi1_miso, mosi & clk->PA5-7) are connected for Jtag connector. to use the JTAG and SW debug pins for spi1/spi3, we need to disable these ports by calling function disableDebugPorts(). but this we have to implement it in stm32f103 (another MCU on nucleo board) which is controlling jtag/SWD pins which are also used for SPI1/SPI3 arduino.

So my question is
1. how to disable j-tag ports to avail the gpio pins for spi1/spi3 and how can we flash the code on stm32f103 chip on nucleo stm32f3 board?
2. does any one succeeded to use Arduino header for SPI, if so please guide with some pointers.


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Re: Stm32f303re Nucleo board SPI1/SPI3 arduino headers

Post by zmemw16 » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:37 pm

maybe ... able#p5178

advanced search for 'jtag disable spi'


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