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Post by Pito » Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:53 pm

A question to the rtos-experienced members here: Is there any practical experience with the following setup?

STMduino w/ FreeRtos --- STlink v2 dongle running Segger's J_link ----- Tracealyzer (Percepio)

Recently Segger is offering a utility which flashes STlink v2 (on board or dongles?) into their J-link (and back) thus you may run Tracealyzer in a streaming mode out of your FreeRtos via the STlink. ... streaming/

It seems the above chain may work, but I'm not confident whether the FreeRtos port to 32duino works such it supports the exercise (ie a need for a time_stamping timer - they recommend the 32-bit DWT cycle counter - has to be enabled, etc.)..

PS: It seems the cheapo STlink clones are not supported by the Segger's J-link flashing utility.. :(

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