Prototype STM CubeMX - HAL based core

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Prototype STM CubeMX - HAL based core

Post by RogerClark » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:54 am


@sheepdoll has build a prototype Core using the HAL (CMSIS / Std peripheral lib) from ST's own STM CubeMX code generator.

See this main posting


The version @sheepdoll has been doing has mainly been targeted for the F401 Nucleo, but the CubeMX can also generate for F103, and I have experimented with a build for F103CB.

I started a new repo for a F103CB version, but these were just the core and variant file and not the tools folder etc.

Anyway, I'm wondering the best way to make this available to anyone who wants to have a play with it.

Do I make these new files a sub module of the existing repo, or should this be a completely separate repo.

The do co-exist, but it would make the main repo larger everyone, and a lot of people just want something that works rather than a work in progress prototype.

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