Recommendations for distributed system

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Recommendations for distributed system

Post by Ollie » Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:56 am

I have a collection of different ESP32 boards and an intention for a high speed wireless communication between them. I would like to hear recommendations from the forum readers for the "best practices". The use cases are:
1) Put ESP32 inside a game-pad to drive a robot controlled by ESP32
2) Use a swarm control method for a team of competing or cooperating ESP32 robots
3) Use a browser in a PC or a phone to track a team of robots

The robots have a capability for autonomous operations, but can be monitored and/or controlled remotely. The following alternatives have been under consideration
A) Use MQTT with RPI3 based broker
B) Use CoAP
C) Create your own simplified mesh with UDP messages and queues supported in FreeRTOS

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