What is RSSI

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Re: What is RSSI

Post by turboscrew » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:09 pm

Thanks, Pito. Very enlightening.
As such I think it doesn't matter whether it's energy or something somehow dependent of the energy...

I don't, however, understand, how the time domain fits here.
Is it because of the way digital filters work (basically difference equations)?
I'd consider filters more like spectrum analyzers than oscilloscopes. I guess I need to learn more.
I think I need to go through the oscilloscope analogy again.

About the background noise, I also took far-away signals outside the transmit bandwidth as background noise.
The more of those within the receive bandwidth, the higher RSSI?
Maybe I should have used a word like "disturbance" or "interference" instead of "noise"...?

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