DS212 Open Source Oscilloscope.

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Re: DS212 Open Source Oscilloscope.

Post by ag123 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:10 pm

actually 1 of those things i'm thinking of is that rather than say using an ili9341 lcd, the samples could be transmitted to the host over usb
however, with only 20k ram i'd guess there'd be limits on what can be stored and transmitted

the other issue would be keeping sync between different BP or MM, as if it is possible to sync things up we could literally have multiple MM/BP sampling from different channels and feeding them back to the host

a scheme i'm thinking of using similar schemes like NTP (network time protocol) to sync the RTC across multiple BP / MM, then we can possibility issue capture at time command so that at that same instance the multiple BP / MM start capturing, store that in that limited 20k ram and later the host poll each MM/BP to 'collect' the results

not too sure if such a scheme is even feasible as even 1ms misalignment and if we sample at 1msps would be 1000 samples off

just some thoughts :/

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