[STM32GENERIC] F746 Discovery

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Post by TFTLCDCyg » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:00 pm


Chris your Core working fine with STM32F429ZI-DISCO and the libraries: SdFat, AT24CXX, SPI, Wire and our GD23STM32 library for tft like FT80X and FT81X, based on gameduino 2 library.

Your last update for the library SPI runs great!

Peripherals: FT813 5" Riverdi, breakout-20 (Riverdi), SD reader (with SanDisk Extreme 32 Gb), DS3231
Upload method: ST-Link V2 (of the board)


Thx for your efforts and enthusiasm

PD: Sorry for the shock! :lol: I had to cut the ILI9341 just for release some miliampers for the TFT (on SPI1) and the SD reader (on SPI3)

Stay tuned!
Team FT81X ( @TFTLCDCyg, @lightcalamar and @RndMnkIII )

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Re: [STM32GENERIC] F746 Discovery

Post by lightcalamar » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:11 pm

Being so friend TFTLCDCyg be for garbage screens ILI9341 these not realizing and porder their time and life ...

What to do if they only live for the shits of the ili9341 screens. They live for them, they do not know that they waste time.
Not knowing what we have achieved and we are going every day to more. . .

Infinite thanks for seeing that garbage of the screen to scrap, thank you very much, my friend!

Already have space :lol:

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Re: [STM32GENERIC] F746 Discovery

Post by ChrisMicro » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:26 pm

Chris your Core working fine with STM32F429ZI-DISCO and the libraries
Thank you very much :D
But I don't exactly know what your screen is showing.
All credits relating the core go to danieleff because he is the main developer of the core.
I only did some examples in the repo to simplify the life for people which makes only a very minor part compared to Daniel's work.

Probably you would like your work relating the STM32F429ZI-Disco here because this is the thread for the F7 board.

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Re: [STM32GENERIC] F746 Discovery

Post by TFTLCDCyg » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:35 am

Ok Chris.

I have a question about the F746 MCU.

I try to verify a simple blink sketch, but I get this error

Code: Select all

arm-none-eabi-g++: error: unrecognized argument in option '-mcpu=cortex-m7'

arm-none-eabi-g++: note: valid arguments to '-mcpu=' are: arm1020e arm1020t arm1022e arm1026ej-s arm10e arm10tdmi arm1136j-s arm1136jf-s arm1156t2-s arm1156t2f-s arm1176jz-s arm1176jzf-s arm2 arm250 arm3 arm6 arm60 arm600 arm610 arm620 arm7 arm70 arm700 arm700i arm710 arm7100 arm710c arm710t arm720 arm720t arm740t arm7500 arm7500fe arm7d arm7di arm7dm arm7dmi arm7m arm7tdmi arm7tdmi-s arm8 arm810 arm9 arm920 arm920t arm922t arm926ej-s arm940t arm946e-s arm966e-s arm968e-s arm9e arm9tdmi cortex-a15 cortex-a5 cortex-a7 cortex-a8 cortex-a9 cortex-m0 cortex-m0plus cortex-m1 cortex-m3 cortex-m4 cortex-r4 cortex-r4f cortex-r5 cortex-r7 ep9312 fa526 fa606te fa626 fa626te fa726te fmp626 generic-armv7-a iwmmxt iwmmxt2 marvell-pj4 mpcore mpcorenovfp native strongarm strongarm110 strongarm1100 strongarm1110 xscale

exit status 1
Error compilando para la tarjeta Discovery F746NG.
How can I to resolve this issue?

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Re: [STM32GENERIC] F746 Discovery

Post by danieleff » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:22 am

1. Download the latest GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain https://developer.arm.com/open-source/g ... /downloads
2. Change compiler.path in platform.txt to point to that you downloaded. https://github.com/danieleff/STM32GENER ... rm.txt#L21

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