[DEAD THREAD] Problems with I2C

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[DEAD THREAD] Problems with I2C

Post by czj2441 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:26 am


First of all,I'm sorry about my terrible English expression,due to I am just a native Chinese speaker. :D

In a nutshell,My STM32F103C8T6's I2c doesn't work.
It leads to my <SSD1306>library doesn't Work properly.The programm suspended while running function"init".Seems like system halted.
By the way,I have changed the pin of IIC. 8-)

Then I tested with examples"i2c_scanner_hardwire"and"i2c_scanner_softwire".
I have got the same results when I was connecting my oled and disconnecting it. :oops:
(I tried using STM32duino bootloader and Serial)
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I need some solutions.Summer holiday is coming to the end,but I must finish my project.. :roll:

I leave my other contacts here,So that I can receive your reply on time.Of course,you can reply me right here.
1433744032@qq.com (You can also communicate with me by this QQ number if you installed QQ)


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Re: Both HardWire and SoftWire I2C doesnt work

Post by Pito » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:26 am

Which pins do you use?
Do you have pull-up resistors installed?
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