STM32F303CC on Cheap Mini Dev Board: Support for SMT32F3

Limited support for STM32F3 based boards, e.f STM Discovery and Nucleo line
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Re: STM32F303CC on Cheap Mini Dev Board: Support for SMT32F3

Post by RogerClark » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:56 pm

The Koduino, Arduino core written by Avik De ( look on github) was written purely to support the F3.

It uses the Standard Peripheral Library and is constructed in totally a totally different way to Libmaple.

I think STM also intend to bring out their own core for the Nucleo F3, but its a long way down their To Do list, so I dont think its likely to be released any time soon.

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Re: STM32F303CC on Cheap Mini Dev Board: Support for SMT32F3

Post by victor_pv » Sat May 20, 2017 10:15 pm

racemaniac wrote:Wahoo :)
I just did a transplant of a F303CBT6 onto a maple mini board, and i just programmed it via an stlink v2, and it's working XD. I've got blink running on it. :D.

Where can i take this little board from here? Is there a bootloader so i could program it via the usb port?
Should i change some settings in the board files? (i'm atm just programming it as if it's an STM32F3Discovery).

For now i'm pretty proud i made it this far already XD. this is the first serious SMD soldering i did (i ruined one board when trying to desolder using my soldering iron, then on the next board gave it a try with my heatgun, and that was a LOT easier (even though it's a way too big heat gun that isn't meant for SMD work XD)).
I just did the same thing :D
I haven't programmed a blink sketch, but tested the pins with a multimeter to make sure there were no shorts, and then plugged it to an stlink and gets detected correctly.
I loaded the bootloader for the bluepill, and it runs but crash somewhere in the code. At least I know the MCU starts and runs code. I need to test something else.
I wish some chinese vendor would start selling bluepills with a 303CBT6 or CCT6.
By the way, the CBT has what seems to read up to 256KB of flash, but can't write to it. I wonder if the mcu is the same as the CCT6, similar to what they do with the F1 series, in which the c8t6 can have 128KB of flash, but ther are smarter now in disabling it.

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